Environmental protection

For the sake of nature and the environment

"Environmental protection is an opportunity and not a burden that we have to carry."

The aim of environmental protection is to preserve living conditions under which mankind can survive in the long term. This is why environmental protection has been enshrined as a national objective in the German Basic Law since 1994. Companies that operate sustainably assume responsibility and invest in their own future.

Acting sustainably and environmentally friendly

Energy-efficient technologies can increase productivity and sustainable products that have little negative impact on the environment throughout their life cycle even offer sales benefits. For many years, we at GARREIS have taken care to protect our environment by acting responsibly. We use our resources ecologically and sensibly. This not only means that we comply with existing laws on environmental protection and sustainability, but also that we avoid wasting resources where this appears economically feasible and possible.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection

Together we are strong

Each of us is called upon to implement sensible measures to conserve resources and protect the environment. To this end, we work closely with our employees, suppliers and service providers. Only together can we optimise processes and protect our environment in the long term.

Environmental protection can be so simple

With the following tips, you too can improve your footprint and protect our environment in everyday life. You can easily apply these tips at home and at work.

  • Generate less waste and separate it correctly
  • Replace business trips with video conferencing, for example
  • Buy sustainably and regionally
  • Reuse things
  • Do without plastic
  • Cycle to work from time to time
  • Heat better and save heating energy
  • Travelling in an environmentally friendly way
  • Design a natural and ecological garden
  • Switch to green electricity
Environmental protection can be so simple