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Products for the chemical industry

Protecting people and the environment with labels

We produce special labels for a special industry. The safety of people and the environment in the chemical industry are our top priority! The labels we supply contain important information that must remain perfectly legible even under extreme conditions.

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Labels for chemicals

Chemicals are filled and stored in various containers. Our labels must therefore adhere to different surfaces and withstand the most difficult conditions. Our labels are used to label plastic canisters, plastic drums, metal drums and IBC containers. Dirt, oils, cold, moisture, solvents and heat must not damage the labels.

Products for the chemical industry
Products for the chemical industry

There is no way around these labels!

Labels supplied by us can be used to comply with legal regulations and standards for labelling chemicals. Products from the chemical industry are shipped across our seas all over the world. To protect people, animals and the environment, we adhere to international regulations and only use certified labelling materials.

Specialised labels for the chemical industry

Labels on a roll are indispensable in the chemical industry. We offer a complete range of paper labels, film labels and state-of-the-art speciality materials. This provides you with suitable solutions for all requirements. You can obtain logistics labels, seawater-resistant GHS labels, hazardous goods labels, shipping labels, customised solutions or labels made from special materials for use in thermal transfer printers or laser printers. We put together the appropriate face materials and the right adhesive according to your requirements.

A special industry requires special labels. At Garreis, we define special as follows: Only labels that are manufactured with state-of-the-art special materials can fulfil our demand for reliable quality. We offer an extensive range of paper labels, adhesive labels and many other labels, such as our hazardous goods labels, which offer special solutions for the chemical industry. Incidentally, customisation is extremely important to us for all our labels. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any requests. We will suggest suitable face materials and adhesives for the chemical industry according to your ideas and requirements. This is how we develop customised labels for you.

Below we present some of our labels for the chemical industry. From B for "barcode labels" to Z for "Zebra labels", we are sure to have the right labels for your company. And even if you don't find what you are looking for, you are welcome to contact us at any time. Together we will find the individual realisation of your wishes.

Our barcode labels are regularly used to identify and trace goods and merchandise. The possibilities in the field of barcode labels are very wide, which is already evident in the choice of base materials. Whether polyethylene, thermo-eco or polyester: direct thermal printing on thermal paper is very often used for short-lived applications, whereas paper and film materials are more suitable if the labels are intended for permanent use. Similar to barcode labels, industrial labels can be found wherever products are purchased, stored or dispatched.

However, as industrial labels are usually used directly on the product and are often exposed to higher loads, the materials must be orientated to these specific circumstances. The labels are therefore usually made of plastic materials. Such film or plastic labels are usually made of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyester - and depending on your requirements, the following applies: customised processing ensures precise results in line with your requirements. The importance of the adhesives used also becomes particularly clear with industrial labels. With various adhesives ranging from "removable" to "permanently adhesive" to "extremely adhesive", we have all the options for precise customisation here too. The adhesive used naturally also plays a major role in weatherproof labels. We sell weatherproof labels to customers in the chemical industry in particular and the respective labels can be supplied here as laser labels, continuous material folded or roll labels. Of particular importance in the chemical industry is the fact that weatherproof labels are not only suitable for extreme weather conditions: they are also resistant to moisture, extreme heat and extreme cold. A brief example: our PP films (polypropylene) can easily withstand temperatures between -15°C and +80°C and are also extremely tear-resistant.

So we know that the chemical industry requires special solutions. And we are guaranteed to find the best result together with you. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about labelling in the chemical industry at any time!