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We are specialists in customised labels and thermal transfer ribbons.

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As a supplier of labels and colour ribbons, we provide industrial companies and service providers with a comprehensive product range and tailored solutions. Our customers from various sectors, including chemicals, electronics, food, and automotive, have valued our flexibility, speed, and expertise since 1973.

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Our customised labels are not only used in worldwide shipping but also in various industries. We offer high-performance solutions tailored to specific applications. Our range includes simple shipping labels as well as long-lasting labels made from special films. We have the expertise to ensure that many of our labels remain legible for years to come, thanks to our careful selection of high-quality materials.

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Our range of thermal transfer ribbons for label printers is diverse. The perfect combination of label and ribbon is crucial. We supply simple wax ribbons for shipping labels as well as high-quality seawater-resistant thermal transfer ribbons. Our ribbons come in different qualities to fulfil individual requirements such as low-cost, smudge-proof, heat-resistant or waterproof.

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Solutions for all industries

We provide customised and high-performance labelling solutions for various industries, including automotive, chemical, electrical, logistics, retail, pharmaceutical, and food. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, ensuring that we deliver the best possible solution. Our products are designed for easy integration into your company's processes.

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All labels and ribbons are customised for your label printer!

In addition to our own brand GET, we also offer branded products from Armor and Ricoh. We hold an ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate, which guarantees the high quality of all the items we supply.

A label is a sign on or near the packaging of a product or the product itself. The term 'label' is also commonly used to refer to labels in English. Labels have been affixed to jars, tins, and boxes in pharmacies since as early as 1858, and have been important documents in the history of trade.

Labels on rolls are widely used in logistics and branding. They provide information about contents, price, address, best-before date, transport and hazard information, as well as instructions for use, such as textile care symbols. With a label printing system, you can print all customised data yourself. We can recommend suitable manufacturers as a service.

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We produce adhesive labels in various sizes and quantities at multiple production sites. We provide standard or customised colour ribbons and offer barcode label printing as a service. We provide standard or customised colour ribbons and offer barcode label printing as a service. Additionally, we offer a range of labels and colour ribbons for purchase on Our products can be customised to meet your specific requirements, including the development of special materials for industries such as automotive. Please use our contact form for an individual offer. Our strength lies in providing excellent service and advice.