Solutions for all industries

A combination of individual labels and colour ribbons

Solutions for all industries

Our customised labels for your industry

It's unbelievable, but no industry can do without labels. In the five largest industries in Germany alone - automotive, mechanical engineering, chemicals/pharmaceuticals, food and electrical engineering - millions of labels are used every day. As each industry has its own special labelling requirements, we also have the right solution or will find one for you.

The automotive industry loves our labels!

For the automotive industry, we produce customised and high-performance solutions in the field of labelling and marking. Labels for suppliers are often standardised labels to ensure just-in-time deliveries to manufacturers. Durable labels made from special films are also used in the automotive industry. The information on our labels or stickers must still be legible after many years. This usually requires the selection of particularly high-quality materials.

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Products for the pharmaceutical industry

Meaningful labels for the pharmaceutical industry

Customised and meaningful labels are used in the pharmaceutical industry. Many medicines are labelled and millions of labels are also used in laboratories. All information on a label or sticker should be clearly legible so that it is visible to employees or patients. We use particularly flexible materials for labels that are stuck around curves.

Durable labels for the chemical industry

The chemical industry requires special, high-performance labelling solutions from us. Film labels are very durable and weather-resistant. Seawater-resistant labels in particular are one of our specialities and we supply a wide range of solutions in this area. All labels should remain legible for years to come. Particularly high-quality materials are used in label production.

Products for the chemical industry
Electrical industry

Nameplate labels for the electrical industry

Our special nameplates are used in the electrical industry. Labelling electrical products requires durable labels made from special films. Sometimes labels that are UL certified and approved are also required. The mostly white or silver-coloured labels are often attached to the housing or the back of a product. Here we offer you a large and customised selection of materials.

Trade + logistics only works with our labels

Trade + logistics cannot function without labels. Standard label dimensions are often used. However, as every user has different printers or dispensing systems in use, our shipping and logistics labels can be customised. Short-life labels made from thermal materials ensure simple applications with high functionality. The information printed on a shipping label guarantees the traceability of the parcel.

Products for retail + logistics
Products for the food industry

Beautiful labels for the food industry

Individual and mostly coloured labels are used in the food industry in particular. The product labels should be informative and "appeal" to customers. Packaged fruit and vegetables, for example, are typical products for which labels are required. The best-before date is also important information for customers. We also produce shipping labels so that the products can be sold.

Other industries cannot do without our labels either

Other sectors such as toy manufacturers, service providers or furniture manufacturers have their own requirements when it comes to the quality of their labels. Individual surfaces that are to be labelled require special labelling expertise. The right choice of face material and adhesive play a major role in optimising the adhesion of the labels. After clarifying all the circumstances and requirements for the label, we offer you customised label production.

Products for other industries