Sustainable products

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Environmentally friendly & sustainable labels

For us, sustainability means doing business in a fair and sustainable way. Through our sustainable labels, we leave a positive footprint and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Various recyclable materials offer excellent quality and the same properties as conventional labels.

Sustainable film labels

Not all products can be labelled with paper labels, but we also have a sustainable solution for this. Labels made from recycled PE film are particularly suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries. This film is compostable both industrially and in the private sector and is very easy to print on. It is also resistant to oils and fats. In addition to environmentally friendly production, the recycled labels have the same properties as conventional PE labels.

Sustainable products
Sustainable products

Recycling paper

Are there bright white labels made from recycled paper? Yes, and we have the right product for you! Our labels made from recycled paper are made from 100% recycled fibres, i.e. waste paper. The labels can be used in all sectors of industry and commerce and are suitable for all common printing processes. Labels made from recycled paper can fulfil your visual, technical and sustainability requirements.

Labels made of grass paper

Naturally, sustainable label material should also be used for labelling sustainable products. This gives your product an authentic and environmentally friendly appearance. The rapidly renewable raw material grass paper is perfect for this. However, no grass is used for this, which is required for food and animal feed production, but only from compensatory areas.

Sustainable products

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