Foil labels

When labels need to endure exposure to water, wind, and other weather conditions.

Foil labels

Durable labels for long-lasting use

The PE and PET labels we produce are characterised by their extreme durability. Thanks to special face materials and adhesives, the labels can be oil and dirt-resistant, temperature-resistant, waterproof and solvent-resistant.

Always ensure cleanliness by using labels

During our spring cleaning, we use many different cleaning products to make our home shine. Vinegar cleaner, citric acid or disinfectants must be labelled with the prescribed information and instructions for use. This is why moisture and chemical-resistant film labels are used to safely label the cleaning products.

Foil label

Impressively beautiful labels

Labels on beauty and personal care products need to make a very special impression on customers. High-quality films showcase the products perfectly and provide all the important information about the application and ingredients. To ensure that this information is not lost, the labels must be resistant to moisture and oils.

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