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Products for trade + logistics

Products for use in trade and logistics

Below we present various label solutions for the logistics industry. From removable labels to self-adhesive labels and shipping labels, you have a wide selection here. However, if you cannot find what you are looking for straight away, simply contact us. Together we will find the perfect result for you.

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Full speed ahead with labels!

You can hit the ground running with our labels for logistics. We produce labels in all sizes and quantities for use on packaging and pallets. Special thermal labels are often used for short-term applications. The paper labels we produce can be used in all standard thermal transfer printers.

Our labels reach their destination

Reliable labeling of products being shipped creates security and speed. Our shipping labels are affixed to the parcel during shipping and your customers receive the ordered goods as quickly as possible. As shipping labels are often only needed for a short application, thermal labels are perfect as address labels.

Products for trade + logistics
Products for retail + logistics

The secret behind barcode labels

Barcode labels have become an integral part of retail and logistics. These barcodes conceal important identification information. Which storage location is the product in? What is in the package and where should it be delivered? All this information can be found on a label.

Labels in the logistics industry

Logistics means more than just getting things from A to B. The logistics sector has very specific requirements, including in the area of labels. We have been supplying our customers with various types of labels for use in the logistics sector for years and know that there are, of course, very specific requirements here. From simple paper labels to modern special materials, you are sure to find the best label solution with us. Individualization is also very important to us: Through precise coordination with your wishes and ideas, we create labels that meet 100% of your requirements. And this 100% is our goal, because mere compromises can usually be avoided!

Like all our labels, the design of our labels on the roll is based on your exact requirements - but you are also sure to find the right solution for your needs in terms of quantity, size or material selection. These labels are printed with all relevant data using a label printer with direct thermal or thermal transfer technology - depending on the material used for the labels. In addition to paper and synthetic materials, polyester is also available as a face material. As a special material, polyester is particularly tear-resistant, for example for type plate labels, and is visually appealing thanks to its wide selection of different surface colors. Pure paper labels are often not printed, but we can also implement an individual design according to your visual requirements at any time.

The adhesives are a good example of the options available: Permanent standard adhesives are our most popular type of adhesive and impress with their normal (and usually sufficient) adhesive strength. Of course, certain applications in logistics also require special adhesives: our adhesives with permanent adhesive strength are suitable for more difficult surfaces in logistics. For extreme applications, such as tire labeling, you can also use our special, extra-strong adhesives. However, if labels also need to be removed, we currently offer a choice of 2 adhesives that can be easily removed (depending on the substrate). The trick here, of course, is to find the right and reliable balance between adhesive strength and removability. But one thing is certain: we are characterized by experience and expertise - and that is why our logistics labels are also suitable for special requirements in the logistics sector.

We are aware that the logistics industry, like other professional sectors, places very specific demands on labels. We are convinced that we will quickly find the right solutions and results in cooperation with you. So please feel free to contact us at any time.