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Labels for everyday

We produce labels for products that we encounter every day. A wide variety of labels with printed barcodes or article numbers can also be found on furniture and decorative items. Some of these labels must be easy to remove from high-quality surfaces. Depending on your requirements, we will find the right label for you.

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Labels for use in general industry

Self-adhesive labels are used in a variety of ways in all areas of industry. You receive a complete range of paper labels on rolls, film labels and modern special materials. This provides you with individual solutions for all requirements. For use in thermal transfer printers or laser printers, you can obtain blank labels, thermal labels, shipping labels, customer-specific solutions or labels made from special materials. We put together the appropriate face materials and the right adhesive according to your requirements.

Labels for creativity and safety

Our labels are also used by toy manufacturers. Product safety in the nursery is a top priority. This is why labels for toys must comply with the DIN EN71 standard for toy safety in the European Union. Whether product or shipping and pallet labels, we produce exactly the label you need.

Products for other industries
Products for industries

Labels are our craft

Special solutions and special labels are our specialty. High-quality film and safety labels play a major role in the labeling of tools and machines. Due to the constant use of tools in an often dirty environment, both the label material and the adhesive must be extremely robust and durable. We have a large selection of special materials to choose from.

Looks aren't everything, but the right label is important

In hardly any other industry is the appearance of packaging as important as in the cosmetics industry. Everything that cares for and beautifies should shine and present the brand perfectly. However, it is not only the design of the labels that plays a major role here, but also the production of the self-adhesive labels. The labels come into contact with water, for example, and must not lose their adhesion and legibility. Depending on the product, we use different papers, films and adhesives.