Labels Special solutions

Special applications require highly customised labels

Labels Special solutions

Labels don't just have to stick!

One of our specialities is the development of special label solutions. Special adhesives or special materials are used for special labelling requirements. Development and production work closely together to find a solution.

The right labelling solution with our expertise

Every industry, from the automotive and electrical sectors to the chemical industry, needs the right labels. The requirements can vary greatly from industry to industry and present exciting challenges. The combination of special label materials and adhesives forms the perfect customised solution and is precisely tailored to your application.

Labels Special solutions
Labels Special solutions

Labels with a strong grip on the high seas

Seawater-resistant labels produced by us serve to protect our environment. They must comply with the internationally recognised British Standard 5609. BS5609 states that the label material and the printed data on the labels can be stored in seawater for at least three months without the information on the label being lost or the label peeling off. We have developed a special label for IBC containers which, in combination with a high-quality resin thermal transfer tape, has been awarded a BS5609 Section III certificate.

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There is no such thing as "the one" label.

Feel free to contact us at any time so that we can discuss the design of your new labels in detail. As we can supply a remarkably wide range of different labels (each with different face materials and adhesives), it would go beyond the scope of this text to describe all the possibilities. In total, we offer over 1,000 combinations of face materials and adhesives - and each combination has its own unique benefits. We pay particular attention to ensuring that you can also find niche products with us. Every industry - from the automotive and electrical industries to the pharmaceutical sector - requires barcode, adhesive, roll labels or other labelling solutions. Of course, the requirements can vary greatly from industry to industry. For example, the chemical industry regularly has very ambitious requirements, but the logistics sector also attaches great importance to optimised barcode printing or even weatherproof and robust label properties. Basically, it can be said that the more individual the product to which a label is to be applied, the more important it is that the label has exactly the properties that are required for long-term labelling. If the label fulfils the function of a safety label, and in particular a guarantee label, it should of course not be possible to remove it without leaving a trace. A typical product label, on the other hand, must adhere perfectly to the product or be completely removable, which is why the requirements for the adhesive are completely different here.

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As you can see: The label specifications are just starting points from which completely different results can be created. And our expertise in the field of thermal transfer printers and laser printers ensures that you not only receive customised labels, but can even print them on your own premises. We are also happy to advise you on all printing and software issues. Give us a call for a no-obligation consultation - or we can visit you on site. You can then choose a suitable material, the right adhesive and a desired colour, for example for your company logo, from our wide range of products. Modern customer service should not bypass the customer: contact us and give us a call on +49 6722 9372-101!