Electrical industry

Type plates and labels for extra safety

Labels ensure high voltage!

We create custom labels and type plates that meet the high demands of the electrical industry. Our labels adhere to various surfaces and shapes, and are heat-resistant, easy to print, and durable.

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Standardised labels

Compliance with legal regulations is mandatory when labelling electronic components. Our labels for the electrical industry meet all regulations and standards of the electronics industry. We hold several UL certificates for certain special nameplate materials.

Electrical industry
Electrical industry

Flexibility with labels

The electrical industry is one of our specialisms. We use our expertise to find the right labels for your requirements and work with you to develop special solutions for the correct labelling of your electronic components and devices.

Special labels for the electrical industry

Labels on a roll are commonly used in the electrical industry. We offer a complete range of labels, from blank to film and speciality materials, to provide optimal solutions for all requirements. Our selection includes barcode labels, shipping labels, security labels, type plates, and customised solutions. We also offer labels made from special materials for use in thermal transfer printers or laser printers. We select the suitable facial materials and adhesive based on your specifications.

At Garreis, we have extensive knowledge of the requirements and specific conditions of various industries, including the electrical industry. With years of professional experience, we offer a wide range of blank labels, film labels, and other labels made from state-of-the-art specialty materials. It is evident that every company in the electrical industry has unique and specific labelling needs. This is why we believe in targeted customisation, selecting face materials and corresponding adhesives to precisely meet your requirements.

Below we show you how wide and varied our range of labels for the electrical industry is. From A for "removable labels" to Z for "Zebra labels", you have many different features to choose from. However, one thing is important to us here: even if you do not find the label you are looking for in our shop selection, this certainly does not mean the end of your search. Because thanks to the individualisation mentioned above, all doors are still open to us here and there is virtually no such thing as "impossible"!

Removable labels impress with their removable adhesive and the most important challenge is to achieve a suitable level of final adhesion with this label. Removable labels are often used for labelling products, as office labels or for shipping. In product labelling in particular, there have always been products that require removable labels, such as for porcelain or glasses. We offer removable stickers in various sizes, formats and materials - all tailored to the requirements of the electrical industry. Paper, thermal materials, synthetic materials and PET film can be used as face materials. The latter is a generic term for numerous materials that prove to be very tear-resistant and in some cases also very heat-resistant in use.
In the area of adhesives (also known as rubberisation), there are also various products that we can combine individually with the different surface materials. The decisive factor here is, of course, the above-mentioned removability and the determination of the correct final adhesion. Customisation also plays a role in other labels for the electrical industry, such as classic shipping labels. These - also customised - labels can be processed as single sheets, continuous material folded or as rolls of labels. The face material and adhesive are also determined by the specific task. Of course, we have a larger selection of adhesives for shipping labels, as a removable property is not usually desired: therefore, permanent standard adhesives are available as well as special adhesives and extra-sticky adhesives.
Like many loyal regular customers before you, you can trust our service and our personalized service. We want to understand your needs so that we can guarantee to supply you with suitable labels for the electrical industry. We know that every professional sector has very specific requirements - and so you too will have very clear ideas and wishes in the electrical sector. Feel free to contact us and we will discuss your specific applications.