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Zebra labels

For industrial customers - Zebra compatible labels

Our labels are compatible with all Zebra printers. Our strength is customised labels in large print runs. Any size and many materials are available. We produce neutral labels or with coloured pre-print, for example with your company logo.

Individual labels for Zebra printers

Our labels are available in all sizes and in large quantities. Access our standard sizes or tell us your desired size - anything is possible. We produce paper labels, foil labels or special materials for Zebra printers. We adapt the individual customisation to the printer model. The optimum combination with the right thermal transfer ribbons ensures a smooth process in your production and dispatch department.

Zebra label rolls
Zebra label barcode

Customised barcode labels

Our Zebra-compatible labels are used in all industries for labelling products, for barcode labels and as shipping labels. The barcode is used for the identification and seamless tracking of goods and merchandise. Direct thermal labels are most commonly used for this purpose, as they are cost-effective and no additional colour ribbon is required to print the labels. Most Zebra printers can be used as both direct thermal and thermal transfer printers.

Zebra and labelling

Zebra is one of the world's largest and best-known manufacturers of label printers. Zebra printers can be used for a huge variety of applications, which is why they are used in numerous industries. In addition to printing shipping labels, product labels or logistics labels, they can also be used for printing QR codes and many other applications.

Zebra labels

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Customisable and with high quality standards: labels for Zebra printers are very versatile! They are also known as adhesive labels, self-adhesive labels or labels. We offer self-adhesive labels from the roll in various sizes and different formats are possible. Depending on the printer model, we adapt the core of the rolls and the respective quantity per roll to the Zebra label printer.

You always have the option of choosing between blank labels or pre-printed labels. So if you would like to add your coloured logo to labels in advance, that's no problem. Just get in touch with us!

Zebra labels are used in all industries for documentation, barcode labels and (in logistics) as shipping labels. The adhesive label consists of the top material, the adhesive underneath, a silicone layer and the backing material to which the label is attached. The respective purpose of the Zebra labels determines the choice of face material.

The Zebra printer in which the self-adhesive labels are used also plays an important role. In order to print large pallet labels with a Zebra label printer or thermal transfer printer, we also supply self-adhesive labels in A4 format. Whether you need white blank labels, removable labels or weatherproof stickers, you will find customised solutions for your needs. And all our products are of course customised to suit different label printers.


The face materials for self-adhesive Zebra labels are divided into paper, thermal materials, synthetic materials and PET film.


White writing paper (GET.transfer): The cheapest and most widely used material for many applications.

Single-coated papers (GET.transfer coat): Papers that have been surface-treated again to make printing even better.

High gloss paper, cast-coated papers (GET.high gloss): High gloss papers for special applications. Product labels in particular, which are also pre-printed with 4C colours, have a particularly high-quality appearance.


Thermo Eco (GET.thermo eco): No thermal transfer ribbon is required here, but a special Zebra label printer. These stickers react directly to the heat on the print head and are primarily designed for short-term applications.

Thermo Top (GET.thermo top): There are also different versions of this quality level, such as Premium Top. The surface is particularly smooth and is more gentle on the Zebra print head than an ECO material.

Synthetic materials, plastics

PE film, polyethylene: These films are the most commonly used plastic material for labels. There is a wide range of variants to consider:

  • PE white glossy: Available in various thicknesses and material properties.
  • PE white matt: This material is easier to print on afterwards and gives the zebra label a different look.
  • PE transparent: These labels are used in the cosmetics and beverage industries.

PET film, polyester

These special materials, suitable for nameplate labels for example, are particularly robust and in some cases heat-resistant. There are many different surfaces in white or silver, glossy or matt. The decisive factor for Zebra labels made from these materials is, of course, the individual area of application and the desired purpose. Please ask our service team about the respective options!


There is a very large number of variants for the gum or adhesive in combination with the aforementioned face materials. Most Zebra labels are self-adhesive.

Permanent standard adhesives
These acrylate adhesives (dispersion or solvent acrylate adhesives) are used most of the time. They may have different names depending on the manufacturer of the base material.

Permanent speciality adhesives
Due to the stronger adhesive force of Zebra labels, more difficult surfaces can be bridged. These are often rubber adhesives.

Special, strong adhesives
For extreme applications such as tyre labelling or in the chemical industry, special, strong adhesives are used.

Standard removable adhesives
If labels need to be removable, different adhesives are used depending on the substrate. Zebra labels thus become customised solutions.


Self-adhesive zebra labels are available in many sizes from 5 mm to 210 mm wide. A typical size is approximately 148 x 210 mm. These labels are used for labelling pallets. Self-adhesive labels are used in the size 210 x 297 mm (corresponding to a DIN A4 sheet). Typical Zebra labels are labels in the formats 70 x 25, 70 x 36, 70 x 105, 100 x 50, 105 x 42, 105 x 70, 105 x 148 or 210 x 148 mm. These products or labels can be used in the Zebra printer without any problems.

Please note that you cannot purchase Zebra labels online from us. The reason: As a manufacturer, we only produce customised labels that are perfectly suited to the respective Zebra label printer or direct thermal printer.