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Print heads for your thermal transfer label printer

At Garreis you can obtain original spare parts (printheads) for your label printer. This wear part in thermal transfer printers lasts between 50 and 150 km, depending on use. It is then typical for individual heating points to fail, leading to an incomplete print result. With barcodes in particular, this can lead to restrictions if the barcode is no longer machine-readable.

Ask us individually or you can find your print head directly in our store. A selection of the print heads available in the store can be found below. All printheads are available especially for Zebra printers.

You can find print heads in our online store at

At GARREIS you can obtain printheads / thermal bars for printer models from the following manufacturers:

Zebra, Avery, Datamax, Novexx, Printronix, Valentin, TSC, Citizen, Godex, Logopak, Markem, Allen and Smartdate. For the larger manufacturers, we also differentiate according to model number:

Zebra Z4M/Z4M plus/Z4000 mit 300 dpi (G79057M)Intermec PX4i mit 200 dpi / 1-040082-900TSC MB240T mit 200 dpi - 98-0680031-00LFToshiba TEC B-EX4D2 / B-EX4T2 mit 200 dpi - 0TSBC0145001Fcab A4.3 Typ 4310 mit 300 dpi / 5954089.001
Zebra ZT610 / ZT610R mit 200 dpi / P1083320-010Intermec PM42 / PM43 mit 200 dpi / 710-129S-001TSC TTP-346M - 346M PRO mit 300 dpi - 98-0240068-10LFToshiba TEC B-EX6T1 mit 200 dpi - 7FM07063100cab A4+ mit 200 dpi / 5954081.001
Zebra ZT610 / ZT610R mit 300 dpi / P1083320-011TSC TDP-245/TDP-247 mit 200 dpi - 98-0260044-2ALFToshiba TEC B-EX6T1 mit 300 dpi - 7FM06977100cab Squix 4.3 / Mach 4.3S mit 200 dpi / 5977382.001
Zebra ZT610 / ZT610R mit 600 dpi / P10-83320-012TSC TTP-245C/TC200 Serie mit 200 dpi - 98-0330043-01LFToshiba TEC B-EX4T1 mit 200 dpi / OTSBC0117001Fcab Squix 4.3 / Mach 4.3S mit 200 dpi / 5977382.001
Zebra ZT620 / ZT620R mit 200 dpi / P1083320-015TSC TTP 2410MT mit 200 dpi / 98-0470074-00LFToshiba TEC B-EX4T1 mit 300 dpi / OTSBC0117201Fcab A4+ mit 600 dpi / 5954077.001
Zebra ZT620 / ZT620R mit 300 dpi / P1083320-016Toshiba TEC B-SX4T mit 200 dpi / 7FM01641000cab Squix 4 / Mach 4S mit 600 dpi / 5977380.001
Zebra ZT510 mit 200 dpi / P1083347-005cab Squix 4 / Mach 4S mit 300 dpi / 5977444.001
Zebra ZM600 / RZ600 mit 200 dpi / 79803Mcab A4+ mit 300 dpi / 5954072.001
Zebra 110Xi4 mit 203 dpi / P1004230
Zebra 140Xi4 mit 203 dpi / P1004234
Zebra ZM600 / RZ600 mit 300 dpi / 79804M
Zebra ZT420 / ZT421 mit 300 dpi / P1058930-013
Zebra ZM400 mit 300 dpi / 79801M
Zebra 220Xi4 mit 300 dpi / P1004239
Zebra 220Xi4 mit 200 dpi / P1004238
Zebra 110Xi4 mit 600 dpi / P1004233
Zebra 105SL Plus mit 200 dpi / P1053360-018
Zebra ZT220 / ZT230 mit 300 dpi / P1037974-011
Zebra ZD420 mit 300 dpi / P1080383-007
Zebra ZT410 / ZT411 mit 300 dpi / P1058930-010
Zebra 110Xi4 mit 300 dpi / P1004232
Zebra 105SL Plus mit 300 dpi / P1053360-19
Zebra ZT510 mit 300 dpi / P1083347-006
Zebra 170XiII, XiIII, PAX4 mit 300 dpi / G46500M
Zebra ZT220 / ZT230 mit 200 dpi / P1037974-010
Zebra ZT410 / ZT411 mit 200 dpi / P1058930-009
Zebra ZM400 mit 200 dpi - 79800M
Zebra ZT420 / ZT421 mit 200 dpi / P1058930-012
Zebra 170Xi4 / Zebra ZE500-6 mit 200 dpi / P1004236
Zebra 170Xi4 / Zebra ZE500-6 mit 300 dpi / P1004237

Print heads / thermal bars for other models available on request !

Maintenance of print heads

Ideally, the thermal strip should be cleaned with a soft cloth and special isopropanol every time the label rolls and thermal transfer ribbons are changed. This removes small dust particles so that no contamination remains on the print head.

When changing the print heads and thermal ribbons, you should also ensure that the new materials are inserted into the printer very carefully.

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Labels and printheads

Labels are often used when a wide range of information and barcodes need to be accommodated in a small space. Classic examples from everyday life are product labels, shipping labels and logistics labels. The print head or thermal strip is a particularly important component of any label printer to ensure that the print is also machine-readable. The thermal transfer ribbon is guided past the print head during the printing process. The print head is protected from abrasion by a thin layer of glass. This glass layer is subject to natural wear and tear, meaning that the thermal strip must be replaced at regular intervals.

With normal paper or plastic labels, a print head lasts approx. 150 km (running length of the labels or ribbon). When using Thermo-Top or Thermo-Eco material, i.e. without the use of thermal transfer ribbons, the service life of the print head is reduced to 30 to 50 km.

Printing service & advice

As it is necessary to have labels printed externally in urgent cases, we also offer a printing service. We can reliably bridge any breakdowns or maintenance-related bottlenecks in your printer at short notice. We can print the labels you currently need at our premises in Geisenheim. In our in-house printing service, we can implement all individual requirements for the necessary labels. We can also print UL-approved labels in-house.

Garreis is constantly developing new solutions in cooperation with globally active companies. Our specialized team can routinely take up your requirements. If a solution cannot be achieved with conventional adhesive materials, we work closely with the manufacturers to develop a suitable combination of materials and deliver unique solutions.

The right combination of customer requirements and technical realization is always a new challenge. We can guarantee perfect coordination of your printers and printing materials both in-house and on site.

We will be happy to provide you with an individual offer, tailored to your needs. Just ask us!

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