Wax ribbons

A natural product as the basis for ribbons

Wax ribbons

Ribbons for thermal transfer printers

Our wax ribbons offer excellent value for money. These ribbons are mainly used for paper labels. Whether standard sizes or custom made, you get the optimum ribbon.

Wax ribbons from GARREIS

We can supply you with low cost and high performance wax ribbons from our own brand GET. or from the market leading manufacturer ARMOR-IIMAK. The ribbons are produced in various dimensions and are generally suitable for all thermal transfer label printers. Custom sizes are also available for your application.

Wax ribbons Armor
Wax ribbons in the logistics industry

What are wax ribbons suitable for?

Wax ribbons for thermal transfer printers are the cheapest quality group of thermal transfer ribbons and are specially designed for low print energy applications. As they only have limited smudge and scratch resistance, they are primarily suitable for simple applications, e.g. for price labelling or short-life labels in logistics.

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