Special colour ribbons

The right formula in label printing for the best results

Special colour ribbons

The slightly different solution for your printing

Sometimes an imprint needs to be heat-resistant, extremely durable, chemical-resistant or even specially certified. Depending on the application and printer, we produce special thermal transfer ribbons to solve your labelling problem.

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Special colour ribbons from GARREIS

We offer high-performance and high-quality speciality qualities from GET, Armor-Iimak or RICOH. The colour ribbons can be produced in different dimensions and the assembly is adapted to your printer. With our special selection of special ribbons, we will find a quality that meets your label and print requirements.

Special colour ribbons

Where are special colour ribbons used?

Applications for these exceptional qualities can be found wherever extremely high demands are placed on the print image and durability. They are therefore primarily used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and automotive industries.