Automotive industry

You will find a variety of our labels in every vehicle

Products for the automotive industry

Labels for mobility

Our labels for the automotive industry cover all aspects of transport and mobility. We produce product and logistics labels for use in or around vehicles. Each vehicle has numerous labelling requirements, with hundreds of them hidden within.

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Labels for use in the automotive industry

Labels on a roll are essential in the automotive industry. We provide a comprehensive range of paper labels and state-of-the-art specialty materials to meet all your requirements. Our logistics labels (Odette labels), spare parts labels, KLT container labels, type plates, and labels made from special materials are suitable for use in thermal transfer printers or laser printers. We select the suitable facial materials and adhesive based on your specifications.

Many years of experience in label production

The automotive industry requires customised and high-performance solutions for labelling and marking. Labels made from special films ensure safety and functionality, with information remaining legible for years to come. This requires expertise in labelling and the selection of high-quality materials.

Products for the automotive industry
Labels for the automotive industry

Strict standards and requirements for labels

Our production of high-quality labels with special adhesives ensures secure and permanent legibility. The labels must adhere to various surfaces and withstand the entire service life of a vehicle, including exposure to extreme temperatures, salt spray, fuel, and various chemicals. Please inquire about our solutions.