Production + Logistics

Sustainable and efficient production of self-adhesive labels


Modern label production

The production of labels is a complex process that requires specialised knowledge. The variety of face materials, adhesives and colours requires careful planning in order to produce the optimal labels for your requirements. Our expertise spans various industries, including automotive, logistics, retail, electrical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and many other sectors. Put your trust in our experience!

Our machine park

We have a wide range of printing presses at our disposal in order to be able to supply our customers in the best possible way. We always have several machines available for small runs through to runs of millions. Whether blank labels, multi-coloured labels or photo-realistic labels - everything is possible. When it comes to printing techniques, we use flexographic printing, offset printing and digital printing. We produce labels on the roll, fan-folded or as sheets for laser printers.

Production labels
Stock labels

Use of basic material

We use globally available basic materials to produce customised labels in a wide variety of designs for our customers. From simple paper material with standard adhesive, thermal materials, film labels and rating plate qualities to innovative materials that we have developed especially for our customers, everything is possible. Standard materials are available from stock, ensuring short delivery times for our labels.

Storage and logistics

We have long-term contracts, blanket orders and contracts with our major customers. In order to always be able to deliver quickly, we generally keep three call-offs per label in stock. Our strength lies in individual agreements on purchase quantities and deliveries for our customers. When it comes to shipping, we rely on reliable parcel services and a pool of forwarding agents to ensure that the labels are delivered on time.

Stock labels